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Meet the SAS Family

The Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) is very proud of its Regimental Family elements. By supporting them, you support the soldiers of SASR. The Australian SAS family comprises many people and various organisations working together for the Regiment’s benefit. The four primary support organisations are the Australian SAS Association, SAS Resources Fund, SASR Auxiliary, and SAS Historical Foundation.

A Very Brief History of the Australian SAS

The concept of the Special Air Service had its genesis in the Western Desert Campaign of World War II in the British Army.

The history of the Australian Special Air Service however dates from 25 July 1957 when the 1st Special Air Service Company was raised in Western Australia.

The Company consisted of a headquarters and four platoons comprising about 200 all ranks by the time it became part of The Royal Australian Regiment in 1960.

The Company was expanded to a Regiment and renamed The Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) on the 4 September 1964. .....


Tribute to the Fallen



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This is the official website of the Special Air Service Historical Foundation and has been created to commemorate the remarkable history and heritage of Australia's Special Air Service (SAS). Whether you're a serving or former Defence Force member, SAS family member, or an interested member of the public, we hope you enjoy this website and share our pride in the  Australian SAS.


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