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SAS Historical Foundation Mega Lottery Results


The SAS Historical Foundation Mega Lottery results.


Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to all who purchased tickets and supported the raffle.


(Click image for larger view)



Alcoa ACTION Grants


Groups of five or more Alcoa employees in any facility around the world can design a day of service at a local non-profit organization and have their effort matched by either a US$1,500 or US$3,000 Alcoa grant to that local agency.


Since its inception as a pilot in four locations in 2000, ACTION has grown to include employee-designed projects in 185 locations.


The Alcoa Wagerup Refinery’s submission for the SAS Historical Foundation to receive a US$3,000 grant was approved. On 18 October 2017 a team from the Wagerup Refinery travelled to Campbell Barracks Swanbourne to undertake a variety of tasks to assist with the preservation of important heritage objects in the SAS Historical Collection.


The SAS Historical Foundation is extremely grateful for Alcoa’s support




Lendlease Community Day 2017



The SAS Historical Foundation has once again been the beneficiary of Lendlease’s Community Day. In September each year, Lendlease employees around the world work alongside their colleagues, community partners, family and suppliers to give back to the community.


With a focus on social, economic, and/or environmental sustainability, Lendlease manages and delivers projects that help communities build a better future.


Lendlease employees source and initiate the projects – from supporting the homeless and assisting children with special needs to aiding disaster recovery efforts, renovating buildings, and restoring green spaces – there is no project too big or small.


This year the Lendlease employees contributed significantly to the presentation of the SAS Historical Collection exhibitions by undertaking cleaning and dusting tasks and some restoration projects. Additionally, the entrance way to the History and Research Centre and a seating area were given a makeover with weather protection intervention.



The Foundation is extremely grateful to Lendlease for their generous support and showed our appreciation with the presentation of organisational and individual Certificates of Appreciation.



Exercise Southern Cross 2017


Exercise Southern Cross is a biennial exchange of personnel between Australian Army Cadets and the Surrey (Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment) Army Cadet Force.



Since 2011 a visit to the SAS Historical Collection has been included in the UK Cadets itinerary.



 At the conclusion of each visit a small gift has been presented to the SAS Historical Foundation as a token of appreciation. This year the gift was a replica bayonet from the British Army’s SA80 assault rifle, mounted on a wooden plinth.


The UK Cadets expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to visit and donated $500 to the Foundation.




Opening of New Exhibition Facility


On 10 February 2016 the Colonel Commandant of SASR officially opened the ‘SAS Company Hut’, a replica of the World War II era buildings in which the SAS Company was accommodated during the period 1957 to 1964.

The ceremony was attended by former members of the SAS Company including one officer who marched into the unit on its foundation day on 25 July 1957.

The building was constructed off site at the Wangara depot of McGrath Modular Homes from initial plans by the SAS Historical Foundation’s architect, Duncan Jordan. Donors of goods and services to the project were: Ashburton Crane Hire; CPR Electrical Services; AirPro; and Lighting Options Australia.

The internal exhibitions pay homage to the commencement of Special Operations in World War II, the history of Campbell Barracks and the journey of the SAS Company from inception to the formation of the Special Air Service Regiment on 4 September 1964.

Included in the World War 2 Special Operations exhibits is a ‘smatchet’ issued to Z Special Unit operative Jack Wong Sue. The ‘smatchet’ has been kindly loaned by the Sue family.


Heritage Rescue Mission


The SAS Historical Foundation has put on display a sandstone pillar which was one of two structures forming the main entrance gate to the original SAS Company lines on the establishment of the unit in 1957.




Its original construction date is unknown but could be prior to World War II when the land encompassing the barracks was purchased from the State Education Department for £7 9s an acre. In 1968 the main entrance to Campbell Barracks was changed from Alfred Road to off West Coast Highway. The southern pillar was rescued in 1989 after extensions to West Coast Highway resulted in the destruction of the northern pillar.



Project Final LZ


 In its quest to identify and obtain objects that have significantly contributed to the history and heritage of the Australian SAS the Foundation has successfully bid for a decommissioned Chinook helicopter which was delivered in August 2015.



Another submission for a decommissioned Blackhawk helicopter is pending and will hopefully be approved. These aircraft need to be exhibited under cover for their long-term preservation and therefore the Foundation will have to raise significant further funding to extend the existing aircraft hangar.

The Foundation invites corporate entities and individuals who would like to contribute to the preservation of an important part of Australian military history to contact us.




World War II Watercraft


 The SAS Historical Collection is fortunate to have on display two types of watercraft utilised in World War II Special Operations missions.


Motorised Submersible Canoe (MSC)


The MSC, nicknamed the ‘Sleeping Beauty’, was British designed and manufactured for a submerged attack against static enemy shipping. The MSC could be launched from a larger ‘mother ship’ or dropped near its target by parachute from a heavy bomber.



The MSC pilot wore a diving suit. The oxygen set utilised was the ‘Davis Submarine Escape Apparatus’ and was breathable for a maximum of two hours. When a long approach to target was required the majority of transit time was spent on the surface.

The final approach was made fully submerged to enable the MSC to come alongside or beneath the target ship. One or two limpet mines would then be placed against the ship’s hull. Once actioned, limpet mines had an eight hour initiation delay in order to enable a safe escape to a pick up point or rendezvous with a larger parent craft.

The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ on display in the SAS Historical Collection is a replica, hand made by apprentices of Australian Shipbuilding Industries South Coogee with sponsorship and support from the WA Department of Employment and Training.


The replica was constructed for Z Special Unit (International) Incorporated and was a project of the Australian Bi-Centenary celebrations.

This craft was donated to the SAS Historical Collection in 2011 to give it a permanent home.



Australian FOLBOAT Mark III


The SAS Historical Foundation recently took possession of a World War II era folding canoe known as a FOLBOAT. These two man kayaks, forerunners of the Klepper canoes, were manufactured in the United Kingdom and later in Australia primarily for Special Operations Forces and were used in Operation JAYWICK and RIMAU. Due to their low profile and ability to be launched from a submarine they were used by Z Special Unit sabotage teams to paddle through harbour defences and place limpet mines against Japanese shipping in Singapore Harbour.



This particular kayak was provided to the SASHC from the Australian Army Intelligence Museum in Canungra Queensland as the management staff felt that the SASHC, with its link to WWII Special Operations Forces and a developing display featuring Z Special Unit and the Independent Companies/Cavalry Commando Squadrons would be a more appropriate setting for this very unique item of Special Operations equipment.




Donation of Historically Valuable Objects


Mr John Burridge, owner of John Burridge Military Antiques, has donated the original medal miniatures of LTCOL Joseph Alexander Campbell OBE, K St J, DSM, after whom Campbell Barracks, the home of the Australian SAS is named.

John has also kindly donated a short sword recovered by Campbell from the field of battle at Tel-el-Kebir in Egypt in September 1982 when he was the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders.

These items, among others, were purchased from a member of the Campbell family by John when he first went into the military antiques business.




Lendlease Community Day 2016



In September each year, Lendlease employees around the world work alongside their colleagues, community partners, family and suppliers to give back to the community.


With a focus on social, economic, and/or environmental sustainability, Lendlease manages and delivers projects that help communities build a better future.


Lendlease employees source and initiate the projects - from supporting the homeless and assisting children with special needs to aiding disaster recovery efforts, renovating buildings, and restoring green spaces - there is no project too big or small.


The SAS Historical Foundation was the beneficiary of one of a number of Lendlease Community Day 2016 projects in Perth. Lendlease employees rolled up their sleeves and embarked on eight hours of renovation tasks including restoring heritage items, painting and cleaning, which significantly eased the burden of jobs backlog for our volunteers.


The Foundation is extremely grateful to Lendlease for their generous support and showed our appreciation with the presentation of organisational and individual Certificates of Appreciation.



Project Final LZ


Fundraising for “Project Final LZ’ is underway with a mega lottery being conducted by the SAS Historical Foundation. The funds raised will contribute to constructing under cover accommodation for helicopters in possession of and being acquired for the SAS Historical Collection.



There are 10 prizes, being:



• Indian Chief Dark Horse Motorcycle valued at $28,000.


• Bali travel voucher to the value of $1000 from Ellandale Travel and 4 x days accommodation courtesy of Turtle Travel (All travel bookings must be managed through Ellandale Travel – Conditions Apply).


• 7 nights accommodation at Canal Rocks Beach Front Apartments valued at $1500.


• TCL 55 inch LED LCD television valued at $1400 and donated by The Good Guys Joondalup.


• Strand of Cultured Freshwater Pearls from Matusic Jewellers valued at $1100.


• Voucher to the value of $1000 from Kambo’s Malaga.


• Single Daiken reverse cycle family room air-conditioning to the value of $850 supplied and installed by AirPro.


• Two Fluid mountain bikes to the value of $800 from Giant Australia.


• National Australia Bank pre-paid credit card to the value of $500.


• ASUS laptop computer valued at $500.


Tickets cost $50 each and only 1,500 tickets will be sold.


Prizes will be drawn on the 17 Dec 2016




Launch of Warrior Racing


The SAS Historical Foundation is front and centre of a veterans’ charity project launched at Swanbourne on 7 March 2016.


Warrior Racing, the brainchild of former SAS soldier and WA Police officer Kevin Otway, will raise funds for six veterans’ charities with a Ford V8 competing in the National Improved Production Car Circuit, which commenced on March 19.


An initial fundraising target has been set at $1 million, to be shared nationally between the SAS Historical Foundation, Soldier On, Wandering Warriors, the Commando Welfare Trust, Defence Care and The Long Ride Home.


Victoria Cross recipient and former SAS Regiment Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith is patron of Warrior Racing Ltd.


For more details email warrior care.




Gallipoli Rosemary


In 1915 a wounded digger from Adelaide was repatriated to the Army Hospital at Keswick. He brought back with him a small rosemary bush dug up from the slopes and ravines of the Anzac Cove and it was planted in the hospital grounds.


For decades small sprigs of the digger’s rosemary were worn to honour the fallen on Anzac and Armistice days and after the Repatriation Hospital was established during World War 2 at Daw Park SA, cuttings were taken and it was grown into a hedge on the hospital grounds.


This history was only discovered by David Lawry, Founder and Director of the Avenues of Honour Project, when as a landscaper in the late 1980s he was inadvertently removing part of it during renovations and the hospital gardener told him of its origin.


Worried that it might all be lost he took cuttings and kept a number of them growing in his native nursery to conserve the plant for posterity.


In 2004 at the launch of the Avenues of Honour Project during the TREENET Symposium at Adelaide University’s Waite Arboretum the delegates planted all of these in symbolic anticipation of the thousands of trees that would be planted across Australia in the decades ahead.


From this hedge cuttings have been provided to the nursery industry and official labels produced which provide a royalty of 50 cents each to the project.


These Gallipoli Rosemary, part proceeds of which support the Avenues of Honor project, are now available for purchase.


The Gallipoli Rosemary is available now through Bunnings outlets and these growers






In 2015, the Centenary of the Anzac’s landing at Gallipoli, local musicians have united to record a moving charity single, ‘SPIRIT OF THE ANZACS’. Proceeds from sales of the single go to Legacy and Soldier On charities.


Featuring a stunning array of home-grown talent including Lee Kernaghan, Guy Sebastian, Sheppard, Jon Stevens, Jessica Mauboy, Shannon Noll and Megan Washington, ‘Spirit Of The Anzacs’ is based on former Prime Minister Paul Keating’s moving eulogy at the entombment of the Unknown Australian Soldier.


Lee Kernaghan says, “Mr. Keating’s immortal words, “He is all of them. And he is one of us.” led us to write a song that pays tribute to all the men and women who have served and sacrificed on behalf of our country across 100 years of ANZAC history.


This is some of the most powerful material that I’ve ever had the privilege to record in my career. The album takes you on a real journey, from the trenches of the Western Front to the bombing of Darwin, Kokoda, Long Tan, and the dust of Uruzgan Province in Afghanistan. It is a project that goes to the heart of who we are as a nation.”


“Every nation has its story. This is ours. From the bloody Gallipoli landing to the dusty deserts of Afghanistan, precious war letters held at the Australian War Memorial have inspired this moving tribute from one of Australia’s great story tellers, Lee Kernaghan. The spirit of the men and women who wrote them, their courage and sacrifice lives in these songs – and in us.” – Dr Brendan Nelson, Director, Australian War Memorial.




SAS Company Building


The SAS Historical Foundation is planning to erect a replica of a SAS Company Building to house exhibitions relating to the history of: Australian World War II Special Operations units; Campbell Barracks; and the SAS Company.


The last of the original buildings that housed the SAS Company were removed from Campbell Barracks in the mid-1990s. These same types of buildings were still located at Northam Army Camp but many have been demolished to make way for the Refugee Detention Centre. The Northam Army Camp Historical Association is endeavouring to save some of the remaining buildings for heritage purposes.


Refurbishment of the old buildings is not an option due to their state of decay and issues with termites and asbestos. A replica building is the only viable option but to construct such a facility to museum standard costs in the order of $500,000.


The SAS Historical Foundation hopes to have the replica building completed for an official opening as part of the SASR Golden Jubilee Anniversary celebrations and is seeking financial donations to assist with this project or the support of a building construction company. The planned exhibitions are an important part of Australia’s and Western Australia’s military heritage.




Perth Legacy


Legacy is dedicated to caring for the families of deceased and incapacitated veterans. Today Legacy's caring and compassionate service assists 115,000 widows and 1,900 children and dependants with a disability.


Legacy is a voluntary organisation supported by veterans, servicemen and women, and volunteers drawn from all walks of life. Our support and services now extend to include the dependants of members of today's Australian Defence Force who lose their lives as a result of their military service.


Legacy is dedicated to enhancing the lives and opportunities for supported families through innovative and practical programs aimed at:


• the protection of individuals and families basic needs;

• advocating for their entitlements, rights and benefits;

• assisting families through bereavement; and

• helping people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.


You can help Legacy meet its promise by supporting their fundraising events.




ICC World Cup Visitor


Taking a break from his official duties as Captain of the Indian national cricket team in limited-over formats, MS Dhoni visited the SAS Historical Collection.


Normally on a very tight timeframe due to his many commitments he stayed for almost four hours and said “that time had just flown by as he was enjoying his visit so much”.


MS kindly autographed two cricket bats to assist the SAS Historical Foundation to raise much-needed funds to further develop the SAS Historical Collection.




Golden Jubilee Rose Royalties


At a lunch held in the SASR Officers’ Mess on 25 February 2015, Mr Peter Nosow, propagator of the SASR Golden Jubilee Rose and proprietor of Landsdale Rose Gardens, presented a royalties cheque for $7,623 to Chairman of the SAS Resources Fund, the Honourable Peter Blaxall.


The royalties were from sales over a seven month period from official release of the rose in March 2014 and included a generous donation of $500 from Landsdale Rose Gardens.


Also in attendance was Ms Katy Schreuder representing Bunnings. Katy was instrumental in organising sales of the rose through Bunnings outlets.


For details on availability for purchase of the SASR Golden Jubilee Rose during 2015 contact Landsdale Rose Nurseries.




Royal Wolf Enhances SAS Historical Collection


Royal Wolf, Australasia’s largest container solutions provider, is proving that you can do anything with the multi-talented shipping container by joining forces with the Special Air Service Historical Foundation to launch an Australian-first container heritage exhibition facility.


Located at the home base of the Special Air Service Regiment in Perth, the new facility provides an extension to the existing displays in the SAS Historical Collection. The facility will house significant military artefacts and is constructed from two 40 foot modular units and two 20 foot units donated by Royal Wolf. These containers have been joined together and modified with customised exterior painting, lighting, air conditioning and cut outs to help create a one way flow-through for visitors.


CEO of Royal Wolf, Robert Allan, said the new facility demonstrated the innovation and adaptability of Royal Wolf containers.


“Royal Wolf are thrilled to be involved in this unique project that will significantly add to the military historical heritage of Australia and pay tribute to the personal sacrifices Australian SAS members have made on behalf of their country,” said Mr Allan.




RSL Spirit of ANZAC Grevillea Hybrid


This new variety of Grevillea bred by Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, to commemorate the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces at Gallipoli and the many other conflicts since then.


The ‘RSL Spirit of ANZAC’ Grevillea was selected for its lush bird attracting red flowers that appear from autumn to summer and its trans - Australian heritage and the tough geographical conditions in which it grows and thrives. This variety will thrive in well drained soils and is very drought tolerant. Prune in spring to keep compact and promote mass flowering, if left to grow to its full potential it will reach 2m height x 1.5m wide. Once established it will grow and flower well with twice weekly irrigation over summer and rainfall during the winter months.




Former Rhodesian SAS Pay Respects


The Rhodesian Special Air Service was formed in 1951 during the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960). The unit comprised men from Southern Rhodesia who volunteered to serve in Malaya. Initially known as ‘The Far Eastern Volunteer Group’ and later as the ‘Malayan Scouts’, they became C Squadron of the of the British SAS. At the conclusion of their tour of duty in 1953 the men returned to Southern Rhodesia and the unit was disbanded.


The unit was reformed in 1961 as ‘C Squadron (Rhodesian) SAS and in June 1978 became 1 (Rhodesian) Special Air Service Regiment. The unit was disbanded on 31 December 1980 following Rhodesia’s transition to black majority rule and the country becoming Zimbabwe.


Former members of the Rhodesian SAS were guests of the Australian SAS Association (WA Branch) and visited the SAS Historical Collection on 30 March 2015. As a mark of respect for their brothers in arms the Rhodesian SAS men laid a wreath to the fallen in the SASR Garden of Reflection.




Thank You to Member for Curtin


Campbell Barracks, home base of the Special Air Service Regiment, is located in the Federal Electorate of Curtin.


The Honourable Julie Bishop MP was elected the Member for Curtin in 1998. Ms Bishop has been and continues to be a great supporter of SASR and the SAS Historical Foundation. Due to her busy schedule as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Ms Bishop was unable to attend the SASR Golden Jubilee Ball but she sent a moving video message that was extremely well-received.




Commemoration in the SASR Garden Of Reflection


Persons who have been on the posted strength of the Australian Special Air Service are eligible to be commemorated in the SASR Garden of Reflection upon their death.


A fee is payable for this privilege and all monies are used to maintain and further develop the Garden. For more information contact us.




Military Art Program


A project to provide serving and former members of the Australian Defence Force living in WA with opportunities to learn and/or develop artistic skills will be launched in October 2015.


A number of highly regarded artists have volunteered their time to support the project.


The Military Art Program is a not for profit organisation which will commence it’s first classes in October 2015. It has been developed from a desire to provide access to greater services and free classes in arts, for current and former serving Defence Force veterans only, living in WA.




SpringArts 2015


St George’s College and the SAS Resources Trust are combining together on Saturday 10th October 2015 for a day of interest and enjoyment at the College.


The funds raised at SpringArts will be used to enable children of deceased SAS members to attend the College whilst studying at UWA. The College can provide some of the educational, social and pastoral support such as would normally be provided by a father supportive of their UWA attending daughter or son.


The activities on the day will include an SAS Historical display and talks from former SAS officers. The “Midday Live Set” featuring resident musicians and vocalists, including the College Barbershop “Newby Blues” and the College Ladies Ensemble “The Mockingbirds”, plus piano performances in the Hackett Dining Hall. The College Chapel will be the venue for the College String Quartet and Harpist. There will be regular tours of the Gardens and College and opportunities to climb the famous Tower which has views over the Swan River and University. An art exhibition will also feature residents’ art in the form of drawings, paintings, film, sculpture and photography. There will be pizzas, gourmet hot dogs, ice cream and drinks for purchase.'




SAS Historical Foundation Logo


The SAS Historical Foundation has decided to adopt a modified version of the SASR Golden Jubilee logo created by artist Ian Coate.




SASR 50th Birthday


The SAS Company was expanded and renamed the Special Air Service Regiment on 4 September 1964. SASR is therefore celebrating its Golden Jubilee Anniversary in 2014.


Currently serving and former members of SASR, their families and friends of the SAS Family will attend various events to mark the occasion throughout the year.




Commemoration of Military Working Dogs


A memorial to commemorate military working dogs that have died while serving with SASR was constructed within the SASR History and Research Centre and officially opened on 7 June 2013.


Sculptor Robert Hitchcock was commissioned to create a larger than life size bronze statue to be the centrepiece of the memorial.


Architect Duncan Jordan designed the wall, which serves as a backdrop to the sculpture. The wall was constructed and rendered by teachers and students from Tradesnorth, an element of the West Coast Institute for Training, with bricks provided by Austral Bricks. All of these services were provided gratis.


With the generous permission of the Western Australian Government’s Department of Environment and Conservation, the granite boulder on which the sculpture sits was sourced from the same quarry as 'The Rock', SASR’s memorial to its fallen.




SAS Historical Foundation Volunteers Commended for their Work


Volunteer members who had met specific service parameters with the SAS Historical Foundation from 1998 to 2011 inclusive were awarded a Special Operations Commander Australia Silver Group Commendation in April 2012.


The SASR Commanding Officer and Regimental Sergeant Major attended an informal ceremony and barbecue to present the commendation.


The Commanding Officer praised and thanked all volunteers for their work associated with the SAS Historical Collection and stressed the importance of the Collection to the Regiment.


The commendation reads:


“I commend you for your outstanding achievements in developing and managing the Special Air Service Historical Collection on behalf of the Special Air Service Regiment. You have created a world class heritage collection that showcases the magnificent history of the Australian Special Air Service, which serves to enhance unit morale and esprit de corps.


You have made a significant contribution to enhancing the Regiment's reputation for excellence within the Australian Defence Force, as well as with foreign allied forces, ex-service organisations and the wider civilian community.


Your achievements are of the highest order and are in the keeping with the finest traditions of the Special Air Service Regiment, Special Operations Command, the Australian Army and the Australian Defence Force.”




Prince Harry Visits Campbell Barracks


On Sunday 6 October 2013 His Royal Highness Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales, accompanied by the Honourable Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia, visited SASR at Campbell Barracks.



His Royal Highness and the Prime Minister were taken to the SASR History and Research Centre where they met with representatives of the SAS Family elements and widows and children of SASR's fallen soldiers.



Prince Harry and the Prime Minister laid wreaths at The Rock in the SASR Garden of Reflection, commemorating those SAS personnel who had lost their lives during operational service and in training accidents, and also took the opportunity to view the SAS Historical Collection.




Prime Minister of Timor-Leste Views SAS Historical Collection


The Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, visited the SAS Historical Collection on 4 April 2014.


Mr Gusmao was in Perth to be guest speaker at a Special Event Charity Dinner for the SAS Resources Fund. Mr Gusmao and his entourage showed great interest in the exhibits relating to the Special Air Service Regiment’s operational history, particularly the display comprising images and objects from the UN sanctioned intervention in East Timor by the multinational International Force in East Timor (INTERFET). The SAS Historical Foundation provided an array of images of the conflict in East Timor at the Charity Dinner venue.




Campbell Barracks Commemoration


As part of the Special Air Sevice Regiment’s Golden Jubilee celebrations the Unit has unveiled the refurbished grave site of Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Alexander Campbell OBE, K St J, DSM. Campbell Barracks, the home of the Australian SAS since 1957, is named after him.


The grave refurbishment was a project undertaken by the SAS Historical Foundation. The Office of Australian War Graves erected an official plaque acknowledging that Campbell was a veteran whose death was war-caused. The Foundation provided a plaque to commemorate the connection between Campbell Barracks and SASR.


The ceremony was held on 22 April 2014 and attended by Campbell Family descendants from WA and interstate. A representative of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Regiment’s Colonel Commandant unveiled the plaques.




ANZAC Day 2014


Approximately 3,000 people attended the Special Air Service Regiment’s 2014 ANZAC Day Dawn Service.


Those attending were limited to serving and former members of the Regiment with families and friends. Many in the crowd had travelled from interstate to be part of the Regiment’s Golden Jubilee celebrations throughout April.


The Commanding Officer’s ANZAC Day Address was heartfelt and included a message to SASR from a student of the Sacred Heart Primary School Highgate, viz:


“When I layed the flowers by the Rock

I felt a feeling of pride and shock.

All these men had passed away,

but the ANZAC spirit would never fray.

Side by side in the Garden they lay –

I think of their families and silently pray.”


The Year 6 Class of the school visited the SAS Historical Collection on 4 April and their teacher, the daughter of a former member of the Unit, gave them an assignment to write messages about the ANZAC spirit. The SAS Historical Foundation prepared a temporary exhibit for ANZAC Day visitors displaying the children’s messages.





Battle Honour - Eastern Shah Wali Kot


On 10 May 2013 the Chief of Army, Major General David Morrison, AO presented SASR with a Battle Honour for the actions of force elements from the Regiment in the battle of Eastern Shah Wali Kot, Afghanistan in June 2010.


The Regiment shares this Battle Honour with 2 Commando Regiment. This is the first Battle Honour awarded to an Australian Army unit since the Vietnam War. The former Minister for Defence, the Honourable Stephen Smith MP, and other political and Defence Force dignitaries attended the private ceremony held within Campbell Barracks




'Out of the Shadows' Exhibition


The ‘Out of the Shadows’ exhibition is a joint project of the Western Australian Museum and the SAS Historical Foundation. The exhibition uses artworks and artefacts to portray SASR campaigns in the jungles of Borneo and Vietnam, in defence of Australia and counter-terrorism operations, in peacekeeping in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and in more recent engagements in the Middle East and Afghanistan.


The exhibition includes the work of more than 30 artists and features the specially commissioned SASR Golden Jubilee painting.


The exhibition runs from 12 April to 1 June 2014.




WA Museum 'Debt of Honour' Exhibition


In early 2012 the WA Museum presented the ‘Debt of Honour’ exhibition, which tells the little known but gripping story of the exploits of the 2nd/2nd Independent Company in East Timor during World War II. The exhibition explores the relationships between the Australian Commandos and the people of East Timor and the debt that Australians owed to them for their support and the terrible suffering that they paid at the hands of the Japanese for that support.


The objects on display included items on loan from the SAS Historical Collection. SASR also supported the exhibition with the loan of camouflage netting.


The WA Museum is currently seeking a sponsor to take the exhibition on tour nationally.




SASR Golden Jubilee Rose


Mr Peter Nosow, the proprietor of Landsdale Rose Gardens Perth WA, has propagated a gold-coloured rose to commemorate the SASR Golden Jubilee.  Peter is renowned for having propagated roses for various charities including: the Slim Dusty Foundation; the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre Appeal; Silver Chain Nursing Association (Incorporated); and beyondblue. In 2013 Peter received the Mountain Health Retreat

Slim Dusty Community Mateship Award for his wide-ranging community involvement.


The gold colour was selected for the anniversary occasion it represents and the rose has been named the Special Air Service Regiment Golden Jubilee Rose. The rose was officially released in March 2014 at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.



The SASR Golden Jubilee Rose will be available for purchase:


From April 2014 in WA as a potted rose.


From June through August 2014 in other locations as a limited release bare roots bush.


From mid- September 2014 in all locations as a potted rose.


The SASR Golden Jubilee Rose will be available through Bunnings outlets in NSW, VIC, SA and WA and through the following nurseries:


Landsdale Rose Nurseries WA; Treloar Roses VIC; Rankin’s Roses VIC; Nieuwesteeg Roses VIC; Monbulk Rose Farm VIC; Knight’s Roses SA; Corporate Roses SA; Swane’s Nurseries NSW; and Roses and Friends NSW.


Part proceeds from the sale of this rose will be donated to the SAS Resources Fund.


For further information about supply contact Landsdale Rose Nurseries at




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