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Memorial Garden



The Garden of Reflection was created to honour and commemorate those

SAS personnel who have paid the ultimate price for their service

and the sacrifice of their families they left behind.



The SAS Memorial, simply known as 'The Rock',

is the centrepiece of the Garden.


The names inscribed upon 'The Rock' are those Australian SAS personnel who have died whilst on active service or during training.


The bronze sculptures guarding the entrance to the Garden are in the military funeral drill position 'Rest On Your Arms Reversed'.


This bronze sculpture relates to the SAS Company and the early years of SASR to approximately the mid-1970s.


This bronze sculpture relates to SASR from the early 1990s and the period during which the Austeyr assault rifle was used for drill parades.


Individual granite plinths are allocated to the SAS personnel whose names are inscribed on 'The Rock'. The granite comes from an area where components of the SAS Selection training have been conducted.


Stainless steel discs individually inscribed commemorate those SAS personnel who have died when serving with the unit but not while on duty.


A quiet place to sit and reflect on the cost of SAS service.


The Garden in full bloom surrounding the central feature wall. The roses are 'Happy Wanderer' and 'Lily Marlene'.


Catafalque party at the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in 2012. An image of the SAS badge is projected onto the wall of the adjacent building.


Deceased former members of the Australian SAS may be commemorated in the Garden. The West walls have pre-cast cavities for interment of ashes.


The East walls are for commemoration of deceased former members who do not elect to be cremated. The roses in front of both East and West walls are the SASR Golden Jubilee Rose.


Floral tributes surrounding 'The Rock' from the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in 2012.


Every ANZAC Day, their names are read aloud at the

SASR Dawn Service.





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