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SAS Artworks by Ian Coate

Ian Coate is a military artist and freelance illustrator. He joined the Royal Australian Survey Corps in the late 1980s and was trained as an illustrator and military photographer. In the mid-90s, Ian left the army to become a home-dad and pursue a career as an artist/illustrator.  Since then, Ian has produced an endless volume and variety of illustrations for magazines and books.


The Australian SAS (Golden Jubilee 2007) - Oil on canvas by Ian Coate


Long Walk Home - Pencil by Ian Coate


Taking Shelter - Water colour by Ian Coate


The Sentinel - Oil on canvas by Ian Coate


Diggers' Shiralee - Oil on canvas by Ian Coate


Refuelling Dam - Ink & wash by Ian Coate



SAS Artworks by Jeff Isaacs


Main Gate - Gouache by Jeff Isaacs


SASR Counter Terrorism Training - Oil on canvas by Jeff Isaacs



SAS Artwork by Frank Pash


Who Dares Wins (Vietnam) - Oil on canvas by Frank Pash



SAS Artworks by Corporal S.


Corporal S is currently a serving soldier in SASR. His artworks are based on first hand experiences.


Baluchi - Oil on canvas by Corporal S.


On the Trucks - Pastel by Corporal S.


Sniper - Pastel by Corporal S.


Over the Horizon - Charcoal by Corporal S.



SAS Artworks by Various Artists


Over the years, there have been many artists that have contributed artworks to the SASR. Below is a sampling of the fine artworks that depict people, moments and places that are important to the history of the Australian SAS. Some of these paintings were commissioned whilst others were presented to the SASR by former members.


TPR Mark Donaldson VC - Oil on canvas by Lee Harnden


Rwanda Peacekeeping - Oil on canvas by H. Jorrison


Mogadishu - Oil on canvas by H. Jorrison


The Roles - Charcoal by R. Ellis


Main Parade Ground - Oil on canvas by G. Aitken


Band E Sardeh Sunrise - Oil on canvas by Andy Dolphin


Third Her - Pastel by A. Cape


MAJGEN Michael Jeffery (Governor-General) - Oil on canvas by Sally Robinson













SAS Artists


Ian Coate | Jeff Isaacs | Frank Pash

Corporal T | Various Artists



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