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SAS Resources Fund


 The SAS Resources Trust was formed in 1996 as a result of the Blackhawk helicopter tragedy, which occurred outside Townsville, Queensland on 12 June 1996.  In 2012 the Trust was renamed the SAS Resources Fund. The Board of Trustees oversees the SAS Resources Fund, to which charitable donations are made and distributed as required to the various Trusts established to support SASR.


SAS Resources Trust : This Trust is a perpetual Trust Fund which provides relief to current and former members of SASR who become deceased or permanently disabled in or as a result of operational service or in training.


SAS Resources Trust No 2: The Trustees saw a need for a second Trust to allow it to help more members of SASR who did not qualify for assistance under the terms of our Primary Trust.


SAS Resources Trust No 3: This new Trust was established in May 2011 for the purpose of promoting the comfort, recreation and welfare of current serving members of SASR who, in the opinion of the Commanding Officer taking into consideration the mental, physical and emotional welfare of the members, require it as a result of service in the Regiment.


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