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SASR Auxiliary Inc


The SASR Auxiliary was formed in 1965 by partners of soldiers serving in the Regiment to give support and promote friendship among SASR families. This volunteer, not-for-profit organisation, has become a vital component of the Regiment’s informal family support system.

The SASR Auxiliary offers regular opportunities for partners and families to meet through weekly, with occasional weekend, playgroups, social and informative events such as Mother’s Day breakfasts, Halloween Parties, theme nights and parenting seminars. The Auxiliary provides workshops and personal development courses for health and wellbeing for its members and surrounding communities. It also assists charitable and other philanthropic causes. Members receive regular newsletters, which serve as an information source on support staff and broader Defence support activities and services.


If you are a partner or nominated next of kin of a SASR member, why not join the SASR Auxiliary.


“I have learnt that the bond of friendship is very powerful. It fosters community participation and a sense of belonging. Truth is, no formal support structure can compete with support born from the bond of friendship, because in friendship you often do not have to ask for help, it is offered instinctively. I see and hear of this happening every day among the families of SASR Auxiliary members” – Those Who Care for Those Who Dare by Belinda Rowland and Chris McCalman 2007.


For further information please contact us

or write to us: SASR Auxiliary C/- Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne WA 6010





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