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The Foundation will:


• not accept conditional donations;

• only accept items to which the owner can demonstrate legal title and after any relevant ethical considerations have been taken into account;

• only collect items if adequate resources can be provided to preserve, restore, research, document and display such items; and

• collect only those items that contribute to an understanding or appreciation of the customs, activities, conflicts, operations, historic episodes or personalities associated with the Australian SAS.


Acceptance of items is subject to the availability of space for storage, secure from the risk of theft and environmental damage.


Such items may include but are not limited to:


• maps and air photographs;

• architectural drawings and building plans;

• electronic media data;

• visual memorabilia (photographs, 35mm slides, drawings, film and video);

• equipments and material;

• weapons; and

• taped oral histories.


 Loan of Objects


The Foundation will not accept ‘permanent’ or ‘indefinite’ loans. The Foundation may accept loans from time to time for purposes such as exhibitions. All inward loans will be for a fixed time and will be entered in a Loans Register. Fixed term loans may be renewed for a further fixed term.


The Foundation will treat inward loan items with a high standard of care, recognising their historical value and conservation requirements.


The Foundation may make loans from its collections to other bodies. Such loans are conditional that the borrowing organisation treats such items with a high standard of care, recognising their historical value and conservation requirements. Borrowers will be required to sign a loan agreement, which includes the conditions of loan and specifies an agreed loan period.




Donations to the SAS Historical Foundation


Donate Now


Financial Donations


The SAS Historical Foundation is empowered by its Constitution to raise funds to support the SAS Historical Collection. The Foundation does not pay directors’ fees nor wages and salaries. All funds raised are spent maintaining and expanding the SAS Historical Collection.


Financial donations of $2 or more the SAS Historical Foundation are tax deductible.


The Foundation provides receipts for all financial donations



Object Donations


The Foundation’s Collections Policy requires that all items accepted by donation into the SAS Historical Collection must be accompanied by our donation form giving full and unencumbered title of their ownership to the Commonwealth, without restriction as to use or future disposition.


Acquisitions to the Historical Collection may be in the form of donations or bequests, or by purchase. Exchanges may be made with other Defence Force Museums whose collections are Commonwealth owned.



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